1. About Us

    A lot of people ask us why we named this little place Twenty & Six Espresso… Originally, the idea of Twenty & Six was to provide young designers, including ourselves, a space to collaborate, network and be creative over a drink or some food, let’s call it caffeine aided design…The name simply fell together from a typographical reference; 26 letters in the alphabet, which are essentially a graphic designer’s greatest tool…

    We fell in love with this old Nestle building the moment we saw it. Sure she looked tired and old, but we just couldn’t resist her charm. Pretty soon after moving in we realised a café / design studio idea was just too big to work in such a small space, and the more we worked on the idea of this new shift in our careers, the more we liked the thought of making delicious coffee and food for a living, at least for a while.

    We are surrounded by a young and talented team and are extraordinarily proud of what our wonderful kitchen team produces each day. An effort to use the best produce available and an enormous amount of love which goes in to each dish, we believe, contributes to a delicious plate of food.

    We will always make an effort to ensure that we use seasonal fruits and vegetables and source most of our fresh produce ourselves at Queen Victoria Market. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that all of our meat and eggs are free range and our fresh seafood responsibly caught.

    Our coffee is sourced from the most amazing folk at Seven Seeds, with guest appearances from Market Lane, Clement Coffee Roasters and Reuben Hills providing delicious alternative blends and single origins week to week.

    We welcome you to come and experience a little bit of our home when you are next away from yours.


    With love,


    Twenty & Six Team