1. Eat


    Sourdough / Rye / Fruit toast w/ butter / vegemite / jams [GF bread +2] 8
    Eggs how you like on 2 slices of sourdough or rye toast 10
    Bircher Muesli soaked overnight in coconut water with fresh Australian mango, apple and cinnamon compote, toasted seeds & flowers  [v] 15
    Black sticky rice pudding with banana, coconut cream, passion fruit & popped wild rice  [gf] [v] 15
    Roasted pumpkin smash with fresh mint, dukkah, seeds & a poached egg on sourdough  [add bacon +5] [v] 16
    Grilled halloumi bagel with beetroot relish, avocado smash, balsamic dressed leaves & chilli [add a fried egg +3] [v] 16
    Gingerbread hotcake with honey & thyme roasted pear, vanilla bean mascarpone, toasted seeds & rose hip [v] 17
    Fresh herbs through scrambled eggs with aged parmesan, capers, chipotle oil & grilled chorizo on toasted sourdough 18
    Mushroom duo of sautéed mushrooms & salt/paprika fried enoki mushrooms with roquette pesto, lemon zest & a poached egg on toasted ciabatta [v] 18
    Sweet potato & pumpkin hash with kale, quinoa, avocado smash, toasted pepitas & a poached egg [add bacon +5] [gf][v] 17
    Charred zucchini salad with asparagus, broccoli & garlic shoots, amaranth pearls & tarragon vinaigrette [gf][v] 16
    Smoked salmon with potato rosti, dill aioli, kale chips, a poached egg & horseradish dressed salmon on toasted rye 21
    Corned beef pickled and grilled rump steak with red cabbage coriander & lime, a poached egg, on toasted multigrain with seeded mustard and almond mayonnaise 18
    Laotian BBQ chicken burger chicken cooked in southeast Asian aromatics & cola with cucumber, coriander, roasted peanuts & pickled chilli aioli  18
    poached egg / beetroot relish 3
    smashed avocado / halloumi / grilled asparagus / marinated goats cheese 4
    sautéed mushrooms / Istra bacon / grilled chorizo 5
    smoked salmon & horseradish 6



    White / Black 4 
    Espresso 3.5 
    Soy / Almond 0.5/1 
    Iced Latte / Mörk Hot Chocolate 4.5
    English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Green / Peppermint / Lemongrass & Ginger
    Konomi Matcha Latte (Pure of Maple) 5
    Market Juice
    Orange / Apple & Lime
    House Drinks
    House sparkling vanilla bean lemonade
    Affogato (Espresso with vanilla ice cream) 5
    House Chai 4.5
    Mineral Water 3.5
    Banana Almond
    / Banana with coconut cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond better, maple and soy milk [v]
    Berry Fields / Raspberry, banana, coconut, flaxseed, almond milk [v]
    Oreo cookies
    Strawberries & cream